Applecross Estate

The Applecross Trust, a conservation charity, has responsibility for some 26,700 hectares of Wester Ross covering much of the Applecross Peninsula and known as the Applecross Estate.

The Trust is committed to ensuring that the special character of the peninsula is preserved in a responsible and progressive manner whilst acknowledging its wilderness heritage and its importance as an area of outstanding natural beauty. The Trust's conservation programme includes plans to preserve and build on traditional existing features in a sensitive vein but equally, is keen to identify new opportunities which could be developed innovatively and in partnership with the community.

Applecross has an important cultural, religious and natural history as well as widespread archaeological evidence of pre-bronze age human settlements. The Trust provides, often in partnership with local community groups, sponsorship and management help to assist thorough research of these fascinating subjects, thus encouraging the creation of appropriate displays for both the visitor to Applecross to enjoy and for local residents, particularly those with historical connections to the area, to study further.

Natural resources, land use, built heritage, culture and 21st Century economics are considered in an integrated approach as each estate discipline hinges on all the others.

The Trustís philosophy has been acknowledged by the Heritage Lottery Fund which has helped the Trust and local Community groups to develop a Landscape Partnership Scheme which aims to deliver a £2.2M programme aimed at investment in local heritage.

Applecross is a place of beauty and provides a holiday experience for walkers, climbers, sea farers or for those simply wishing to unwind.

The Applecross Trustís policy of sustainable farm, woodland and mountain management form part of strategies set out within the Long term Deer Management Plan, Long Term Woodland Plan and agri-environmental scheme plans in conjunction with Scottish Natural Heritage and other agencies.

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