A superb centre for outdoor adventures, Applecross offers unparalleled opportunities to see rare wildlife, including otters, golden eagles, seals and dolphins. Thriving local communities and businesses host many events and activities, and the outstanding cultural and religious heritage of the area and its strong Gaelic history dating back to before the Bronze Age is evident in many archaeological and historical sites.

Environmental Programmes

The Trust manages a range of programmes which protect the natural environment and wildlife, improve access through a 35k path network, and preserve the fabric and character of its many historic buildings.

Deer Management

Deer management takes place on hill land, extensive common grazings and active crofts within the estate boundaries, and ensures that populations are in balance with the habitat. Culling to maintain population stability generates sustainable sporting activity.

River Restoration

For 20 years, the Trust has run a stocking programme to protect Atlantic salmon and sea trout populations in the Applecross River. With fish counts rising, the initiative has ensured the survival of healthy native stock.

Native Woodland Establishment

The Trust is planting over several sites to restore native woodland and enhance the remnants of ancient native woodland still in evidence. It is also felling old conifer plantations and replacing them with native woodland species.

Applecross Updates

The Applecross community is spread across over twenty crofting townships and comprises a couple of hundred people. The Gaelic name for the area, ‘a Chomraich’, means ‘The Sanctuary’ and with only two roads providing access, the peninsula is a haven from the bustle and noise that so many people experience on a day to day basis. Perhaps as a result of this, the sense of community in Applecross is very strong. Events of all descriptions take place every year. Information about upcoming events can often be viewed on our news page or on other Applecross Community sites.

Latest News

June update from The Applecross Trust

12 June 2024


The Applecross Peninsula offers a rich cultural history set amid unique mountain and coastal landscapes, active conservation programmes, traditional crofting, and thriving local businesses.


With archaeological remains dating back over 9,000 years, Applecross has a long history of human habitation, and internationally significant connections with the early Christian church.


The Applecross Trust works to preserve its rich natural environments, rare wildlife and important ancient sites, while supporting economic and social initiatives for its communities.


The Trust maintains a portfolio of superior holiday accommodation at Applecross House and other sites on the Peninsula. The self-catering properties suit parties from 2-12 people.